Importer services
Outsourcing trade management and allocating the countless tasks involved in import of machinery, intermediate or consumer goods, adds value to a business.

Our regular services include:

  • Search and identification of specific products suppliers
  • Search and study of quotes overseas


In the event that any manufacturer is required to develop or sell any product, services for previous assessment include:

“Manufacturing Audits” (MA), based on international standard procedures anywhere in Orient and in the world, are carried out in order to obtain:

- Profile verification of the selected industry

- Geographic location with access to ports.

- Organization chart.

- Detail of production processes.

- Production lines: detail and capacity.

- Status and age of equipment.

- Warehousing and inventory management.

- Quality assurance systems and international certification.

- Standards of production.

- Exporter license of suppliers.

- Commercial references.

- Any other specific requirement from client.


When the source is a TRADER, our services prior to recruitment include:

- Identification of Trader’s area of expertise.

- To study different operating strategies for your business.

- To seek agreements for suppliers control.

- To seek agreements for goods control.

- Contracts coordination.

- To require history records of supply.

- To request references.

- Verification of exporter´s license.


Further services to complement the former:

- Organization of factories visit and meeting agenda in China with translators.

- Client assistance in the assessment and signing of contracts.

- Inspection Prior to shipment of final products, in compliance with international standards.

- Logistics coordination from plant to client’s place of business.

- Quality and quantity shipment control of goods commissioned.

- Comprehensive, local and international logistics under strict door to door insurance cover.

- Bill of lading and proof of origin.

- Legalization of documents by the Consulate if required.

- Nationalization of goods with our customs broker area.

- Storage of received goods in our facilities in Buenos Aires.

- Stock management and local logistics in Argentina.


Our management methods in each project cover all five aspects for this activity: scope, terms and deadlines, budget, quality and human relationships.

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